The Mobile Service Platform is an effective link between office and fieldwork. This professional tool offers support for every single business process during fieldwork. It is intended for managing, optimizing and monitoring business processes, running on remote locations outside the office.

Support for any kind of fieldwork.

Works independently from internet access.

Works on devices with Android OS.

Transfer of data to the back-end system.

Best business practices.

New dimensions of the field process execution

  • Faster and enhanced communication.
  • Enhanced business responsiveness.
  • Less administrative work.
  • PaaS (product as a service).
  • Integration with the back-end environment.
  • Present in various economic environments.
  • Robustness.
  • Easy to use.

Why MSP?

Enhanced productivity

  • Shorter preparation time for business meetings.
  • Fieldwork planning.
  • Having all of the necessary information.
  • Reduced quantity of administrative work.

Superior overview

  • Information about fieldwork location.
  • Information about fieldwork time.
  • Photo and video support.
  • Signature Capture.

Better organization

  • Better overview of the fieldwork.
  • Prioritization of tasks.
  • Optimisation of the resources.
  • Updating prioritized tasks.

Client satisfaction

  • Deals and sales are completed on the field.
  • Access to key customers' information and marketing documentation.
  • Constant communication with back-end office.

Competitive advantage

  • Faster feedback.
  • Access to technical and sales documentation.
  • Information and details about service management in real-time.

Improved communication

  • Communication between field workers and back-end office.
  • Planning transparency.
  • Communication tracking.

Major investments in equipment are not needed

Mobile Service Platform works on all portable devices (mobile phones and tablets) with the Android operating system. With a Bluetooth connection, the MSP can connect to additional hardware such as printers and barcode readers.