The MSP environment efficiently upgrades the process support of business processes. It is about the use of barcode, RFID and NFC technologies that support process execution and optimize processes to make them more efficient and faster.


The MSP mobile client supports reading the barcode. It is about reading one and two-dimensional codes and certain distinct code records. Reading the code is possible with a classic camera on a mobile device or with built-in CCD readers. The barcode can be linked to items, batches, partners, identification of assets, documents and space identification where the field activity is carried out.



We have plentiful experiences with the use of radio frequency identification. For example, we use it to track the life expectancy cycle of a product in the food industry and as well for tracking the use of tools in the aviation industry.

In some cases, the RFID technology has great advantages over other solutions but requires the use of specialized software and technical equipment. It is possible to use all RFID technology solutions in combination with the MSP. We recommend using LF RFID, EPCglobal UHF Class 1, Generation 2.



NFC codes are increasingly used to validate the presence and working hours of field workers. MSP also offers other means of presence authentication (e.g. GPS and its integration with work time monitoring systems).

The use of NFC, therefore, complements technologies that are already present in the MSP environment and increases the accuracy of data capture. NFC is a technology that is already supported in most mobile devices and does not represent any additional investment.