Field service engineers gain:

  • Reliable tool for the field services
  • Real-time data (for field service engineers and back-office)
  • Online and offline
  • Details of the client and location at all times,
  • Articles and assets information,
  • Navigation,
  • Geo-fencing
  • Time stamp and geo location
  • Signature capture
  • Photo capture

Enhanced Communication

In order to increase the efficiency on the field, MSP enables the communication between employees in the field and and in the back-office. One can choose between a variety of communication options: group messaging, messaging between departments and communication between employees in the field and at the company’s headquarters.


Since all the data is transparent, work flows faster and field service engineers are more efficient. 

Data Access

The MDA mobile documentation user interface (Mobile Data Access) allows field workers to access technical and marketing documentation.

With the MDA interface, the user has access to:

  • Advertising documentation (catalogs, leaflets, videos, presentations in PPT form).
  • Technical documentation.
  • Service documentation (service manuals).
  • Internal information of users.

You can customize access to the documentation according to the assigned user rights. With the help of the user interface, employees can also load the documentation on the field.

Finding documentation in the MDA is easy. You can search by entering the search box or via a barcode.

You can send the documentation via e-mails directly into the MDA.

Asset management, Articles and Clients


  • Basic information: name, address, contact person, phone numbers, e-mail, limit, blocking.
  • Information on the past activities (visits, orders etc.).
  • Customized payment policy  by clients
  • Link to navigation.
  • Filters



  • Basic information: title and ID of the product, selling price, purchase price, price + VAT etc.
  • MDA  – access to product catalogues and technical documentation.
  • Article description
  • Classification (trademarks, groups etc.)
  • Stock control + insight
  • Identifying articles by code register and barcode.
  • Adapted pricing policy for determining discounts by individual product groups.
  • An assortment of items related to customer or location.



  • Basic information: name, ID, description and a barcode of the asset.
  • Category of assets.
  • Stock

History of Events

Field service engineers have insight into previous orders and tasks that involved a specific client. Due to data transparency, they are more efficient when facing more complex problems and can provide a better customer experience.

Signature Capture

Signatures are captured on the fly so the reports are sent to the client faster. Invoicing can be autmated as well.

Photo Capture

In the desired form or order, you can add a photo capture option for enhanced visualization.

Stock Control

  • Stocks in a central warehouse.
  • Stock in mobile warehouses (by field service technitians)
  • Own stock in the vehicle.
  • Disclosure of inventories according to consumption.

Tax Regiter

MSP provides you with non-cash or cash payments on the field. The solution is in line with tax register legislation.

Printing and connections with hardware

  • Bluetooth connection to printers, barcode scanners etc.

Reports via E-mail

  • Report generator
  • Notification about the field services done

Efficient Workflow

  • Flexibility
  • Optimization of workflow
  • Shorter processes
  • Insight
  • Enhanced communication
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, EAM.


  • Display of the location where each task or service is performed.
  • Performance overview per user at the selected time interval.
  • Automatic calculation of mileage.
  • Tracking service events