The Mobile service platform MSP is supported by the MSP Insight web application, which gives mobile support an additional dimension of efficiency.

The MSP Insight web portal is an integral part of the MSP environment. It is designed as a web application (SOA) and has administrative and business back-end support functions. It enables users to review and transfer data entered into the MSP application by field employees.

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Access to the MSP Insight is conditioned with fitting user policies which are allowing the user to access functionalities he has been authorized to.

MSP Insight can be used also as a report creating tool, for the reports that are constructed during the usage of MSP application. Individual reports can be allocated under various categories (by time, by username, by the label of the process or its status) and then exported into any optional format (PDF, MS Word and Excel).

The usage of web application makes it easier for a user to construct reports and manage analysis to review the performance of each individual field worker. This includes specter of information from the location where the work was completed to a detailed review of data, including images and graphic representation.

Administrative Environment

MSP Insight enables administration of the MPS environment, where the user is able to manage following parameters:


  • Editing of user policies,
  • MSP environment user creation and management.


  • Monitoring of data flow between the field and the company's back-end environment,
  • data export into PDF, Excel and Word files,
  • overview of the completed procedures.

Business processes:

  • Testing of the latest business processes,
  • enhancement of processes,
  • distribution of processes onto the chosen mobile devices.


  • Blocking of mobile devices,
  • Mobile device location tracking.

Document templates:

  • Preparation of templates with the corporate graphics image,
  • allocation of templates onto mobile devices.

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Business back-end environment

MSP Insight complements the business environment with integrated Mobile Service Platform. Mentioned integration consists of back-end systems like ERP, CRM, EAM or similar solutions. In case when Mobile Service Platform is not integrated into back-end solutions, MSP Insight serves as a whole generic solution. It is intended for business process management and covers every user’s need.

Basic Information

Export and data editing:
  • products,
  • partners,
  • assets,
  • pricing policy.
DIsplay of work task execution:
  • Tracking the movement of mobile devices (in cases where this is required or justified),
  • Display of location of executed business processes.
  • KPI reports and performance of the executed assignments,
  • display of the executed tasks,
  • setting criteria for report preparation,
  • export and printing of reports.
  • Assignment planning,
  • adding detour routes,
  • managing the task execution plan.
Tax register:
  • Managing the tax register,
  • tax register overview.
MDA – mobile documentation:
  • Preparation, uploading and updating of mobile documentation.