Mobile service platform

Telekom Slovenije, May 2014

The service is meant for everyone, who works on the field. The rentable models of the service are flexible. You can use premade modules of business processes or make your own.


  • instant beggining of usage,
  • works on all android OS devices,
  • independent creation of a business process,
  • highly capable IT infrastructure.

The platform can be used in different branches: mobile sales, finances and insurance, sales promotion, industrial production, engineering and construction, inspections…

Business expansion requires modern IT solutions – Davidov Hram

The company Davidov Hram grew into one of the biggest and most important drink wholesalers in Slovenia. In the last couple of years the company is also successfully spreading in the field of food wholesales. With 12 distribution centers the company is effectively covering the whole country.

A competitive business environment and care for partners are enough of reasons for improvement of the information flow inside a company and lowering the costs of business. That’s why the implementation of the Mobile Service Platform, which granted incredible flexibility and coverage of a large area of field work with a combined approach and an unformed IT solution, was a obvious consequence. The amount of administrative work was lowered, data from the field is automatically transferred onto the back-end and field workers get their daily data transferred directly to their PDA.

“Keeping up with field sales and with that, the trends of the market is one of the most dynamic and also important processes for out company. With the implementation of the MSP the path of the data from the terrain is faster and more efficient. With that a larger amount of data and better evaluation bases it’s easier to evaluate the efficiency of our sales staff”

Dušan Žehelj, CEO of Davidov Hram d.o.o.
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