Creating savings by digitalizing route planning and introducing an electronic delivery note

The digitalization of route planning and the introduction of the electronic delivery note are powerful tools that allow companies to make significant savings. By using these technologies correctly, companies can optimise their logistics processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Below, we will explore some of the keyways in which the digitalization of route planning and the introduction of an electronic delivery note can help to
generate savings for your business. 


Digitizing the planning ofroutes allows companies to create more optimised routes for their vans. With the help of specialised software, companies can take into account various factors such as distance, traffic conditions, delivery time windows, etc. This reduces unnecessary travel time, which in turn helps to reduce fuel costs.

Reduced mileage and wear and tear on vehicles

Optimised detour planning reduces the distance travelled and consequently vehicle kilometres. This helps reduce fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and the replacement of worn parts. Reducing wear and tear also extends the life of vehicles, which brings additional savings.

Reduction of paper documentation

The introduction of the electronic delivery note enables the transition from traditional paper documentation to a digital format. This means less paper, printers and other office supplies. This reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining office equipment and the cost of storing and archiving documents.

Increase accuracy and reduce errors

The electronic delivery note allows more accurate recording of delivery information. This reduces errors and misunderstandings that can be associated with traditional paper documentation. A lower probability of defects means fewer claims, refunds and costs related to delivery errors.

More efficient data tracking and analysis

The digitalization of route planning and the introduction of the electronic delivery note provide more data on logistics processes. This data enables better tracking and analysis of performance, allowing companies to identify areas where further savings can be made. These analyses can help companies improve their processes and increase efficiency.

The digitalization of route planning and the introduction of the electronic delivery note present excellent opportunities to generate savings in business. By optimising routes, reducing fuel costs, minimising errors, and improving data tracking and analysis, companies can achieve cost reductions, efficiency gains and a competitive advantage in the market. By implementing these technologies correctly, companies generate savings that have a positive impact on their business.

Download the MSP ePOD brochure and see for yourself the functionalities and benefits of introducing electronic route planning and electronic delivery notes into your business.

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