A mobile service platform for every business

Delo, november 2016

The solution for MSP Mobile business is not only useful for sales, it also provides a lot of benefits for services and maintenance activities.

Mobile business increases employee productivity and ensures greater flexibility of the company on the market. We have checked how Slovenian mobile companies use the developed mobile service platform (MSP).
The MSP solution was developed in the i-Rose company in Laško. It is a unified solution for field use. It is available in a number of languages, and provides businesses with transparent work and traceability of processes and enables advanced integration into business environments. This, through the introduction of MSP, gives access to the best industrial practices that extend the work from the offices to the field. The improved quality of communication between employees and the mobile solution also bring more responsive business and greater productivity.
“The creation of the MSP environment ensures that the client minimizes the risk, mentioned solution grows together with the company. We are definitely the right address for the development and implementation of the mobile business component since we have years of experience in introducing business mobile solutions, which is why we advise our clients in establishing appropriate process support and optimizing the performance of field tasks, “said Janez A. Korun, from the i-Rose company. In addition to its use in mobile sales and its promotion, domestic and foreign companies use MSP also in asset management, service and maintenance activities and inspection services. The classical use of MSP can be effectively improved with the IOT module, establish a single IOT environment, and ensure the rapid flow of information between devices, the environment and users. It leads users of MSP through the work process, provides support for the installation and ordering of parts, the history of intervention and access to technical documentation.

Aircraft servicing

Adria Airways Tehnika company is responsible for the maintenance of aircraft at Jože Pučnik Airport and also for their external appearance. Maintenance of passenger aircraft consists of so-called line and base maintenance. In line maintenance during regular flights in the summer, the airport provides maintenance services for airline providers, including Adria Airways. In base maintenance technicians are carrying out extensive aircraft checks and, if necessary, maintenance. Technicians of the company Adria Airways Tehnika use the MSP in the implementation of line maintenance at the airports of Ljubljana, Pristina and Lodž.
A work order completed by technicians ensures that all data on the performed operation is monitored, including confirmations of the crew with signatures on tablets. After the completion of works, electronic copies of completed work orders are sent to the addresses of the client and Adria Airways Tehnika. By using MSP, the company wants to further improve the traceability of performed tasks and automate the accounting of provided services. “The introduction of a mobile service platform had an immediate impact on business. We detected an increase in misleading interventions, that are now entered immediately and not forgotten. As a custodian of the solution, I am pleased that the MSP in the field is operating faultlessly, “said Dragan Ignjić, IT administrator at Adria Airways Tehnika.

Maintenance of ATMs

At the beginning of the year, the Printec – Printec SI Group has started using the MSP application which provides financial institutions and international retail chains with high-tech solutions and services. It also takes care, for example, of the maintenance and servicing of ATMs and commercial equipment. In order to integrate the data more effectively, reduce paperwork orders and administrative work on the field, MSP solution was introduced in January. It works in a comprehensive way because on the basis of the request for field intervention, the coordinator in the back-end office opens a work order, which the engineer in charge of performing the service receives on his PDA into the MSP application.

The back-end office shall assign tasks in accordance with the contractual obligations to each customer. The engineer records on the work order the procedure of tasks or equipment, the consumption of material and the consumed time and any additional costs. The customer signs the order on the PDA in the MSP application.

After the service is completed, the application creates a PDF record of a service order that the customer can receive if he so wishes via e-mail. Communication with the back-end office is also established, and the completed service order is also recorded in the back-end system. “After three quarters of the year, the effects on business are obvious and very positive. One of the immediate positive effects of the introduction of the MSP application in the work of technicians is the replacement of paperwork orders on the field and the reduction of the administrative work of technicians. It is also faster to resolve any possible complications, since the service is immediately recorded in our back-end system, and we also gain feedback from the field much faster, which greatly eases the coordination and operation of the back-end office as well as the transmission of information to the final customer, “notes Katarina Pečar, an analyst at the company Printec SI.
Vinko Seliškar

Mobile Service Platform – perfect for every business

(Delo November 2016)

MSP, developed in IT company I-Rose from Laško, is a high technology environment, designed especially for fieldwork and it suits all kinds of business areas. Several Slovenian and foreign companies are using MSP to support their mobile sales, asset management, maintaining service, distribution, inspection and many other fields of work that is happening out of office.

Examples of good practice are showing that MSP is improving quality of communications among employees, increases business responsiveness and enlarges productivity.

In company Adria Airways Tehnika, their core business is aircraft maintenance, are using MSP for creating maintenance work reports, which are, after service is finished, immediately send to the customer and to the ERP system.

Dragan Ignjić, IT-caretaker for Adria Airways Tehnika said: “MSP changed the process of work almost instantly. We are recording growth of documented reports and we are very happy, that MSP is working flawless on field.”

Similar story follows the company Printec – their team is eliminating errors and do regular service on cash machines. In January 2016 they decide to swap paper work with MSP and results were instant.

Katarina Pečar, Printec analysts explains: “Buisiness effects are, after three quarters of the year, clear and very positive. Work is done quicker, there is less administratively work on service sight and saving possible complications is easier, information flow is fluid and that improves coordination and work of ERP system”.