Mobile service platform: digitalization of field work

Finances, January 2017

Mobile service platform is a service of Telekom Slovenia, which is intended for all companies that perform their work on the field. It is a business solution that is developed for design and implementation of any field business tasks using mobile devices, while providing support for all mobile business processes, regardless of their nature, geographical or linguistic character.


Mobile Service Platform (MSP) is designed for all those businesses or entrepreneurs who need a modern, dynamic environment and unified mobile business processes in one powerful solution without big investments. Thus, it is suitable for companies that deal with distribution and logistics, maintenance, have a service network, deal with field sales, or sales promotion, operate in the field of finance, insurance, health and pharmacy, carry out interventions and controls or need data capture on the field.

The MPS business environment eliminates paper operations in activities outside the office. The wide-ranging development of the platform enables the mobile service platform environment to be flexible as well as quickly adaptable to the needs and requirements of each company. From this point of view, MSP is like an “extended hand” of back-end tools, which with the support of tablet or mobile device enables a quick solution that is updating and developing simultaneously with the company. With this, partner Telekom Slovenia and i-Rose are ensuring that the company’s implementation of MSP and its use is smooth and impeccable.

Benefits of using the MSP solution are: immediate start of use, it’s working on all devices with the Android operating system (regardless of the screen size), independent creation of their own business processes, use of their own knowledge and user experience, low starting costs, rentable model, high-performance IT Claud infrastructure. The initial cost of mobile online business is normally reimbursed within a few months. Since the maintenance after installation of such systems is relatively simple, the company definitely gains advantages in many different key points of the business, which enables it to accelerate development and savings. MSP lease packages are flexible, the basic package includes the back-end platform in the cloud of Telekom Slovenia (accessible anywhere), Android MSP client, package updates and SLA support 7/24.