Businesses are increasingly aware of the urgent need for change in the ICT field


Newspaper Delo, 18.10.2017

A mobile service platform is a service of Telekom Slovenia, intended for all who perform their work on the field. It is an environment that is intended for design and implementation of any field business tasks using mobile technology, while providing support for all mobile business processes, regardless of their nature, geographical or linguistic character.


The solution provides businesses with transparent tasks, traceability of process execution and enables advanced integration into business environments. In addition to its use in mobile sales and sales promotion, the solution is also suitable for asset management, service, maintenance activities and inspection services. The classic use of the Mobile Service Platform (MSP) can be effectively improved with the IOT (Internet Of Things) module, establish a single IOT environment, and ensure the rapid flow of information between devices, the environment and users. The solution also guides MSP users through the work process, provides support for the installation and ordering of components, the history of interventions, access to technical documentation, etc.

In the field work, companies can reduce the number of paper work orders by using MSP, shorten administrative work in the field and have all the information needed for work, always at hand. All requests are entered into the back-end office, which then assigns tasks in accordance with the contractual obligations to each customer. The employee writes a work order for the task process or equipment, the consumption of material, the spent time and any additional costs. The client signs the order on the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) in the MSP application. After the job, he receives a record of the completed tasks via e-mail.

The solution is adaptable according to the processes in the company, as the platform is flexible and can be quickly adapted to the needs and requirements of each company. From this point of view, MSP is an “extended hand” of back-end tools, which with the support of tablet or mobile device enables a quick solution that is updating and developing simultaneously with the company. With this, partner Telekom Slovenia and i-Rose are ensuring that the company’s implementation of MSP and its use is smooth and impeccable.