Effective project management

The project can be the creation of a start-up company or, say, the construction of a skyscraper. The key is to run it efficiently, and we can also help with IT solutions.

The word “project” has many faces in the modern business world. It can be, for example, building a house, presenting a new product on the market, designing a new department, designing a new service. The company is also a unique project.

Successful derivation is closely related to the realization of the strategy and consequently to the business success of the company. Therefore, its effective leadership is crucial. An excellent leader and top co-workers are a guarantee that the project will be successfully completed. In order for management to be transparent, effective and efficient, communication and participation of all involved in the project is very important. Here all the stakeholders can benefit from modern technology.

How technology can facilitate work on projects, we asked Telekom Slovenije, because it also has numerous IT solutions that make it easier for us to work in different phases of the life cycle of the project.

First-hand experience

“Because we have employees in Telekom Slovenije all over Slovenia, it is often necessary to quickly and effectively communicate within the ‘dispersed’ team. We help with various tools and internal applications. The most commonly used are video communications, Skype for Business, and other Office 365 software tools, remote access to internal portals, and the Mobile Service Platform (MSP). This greatly facilitates distance work, especially on the field, “our interlocutors from Telekom Slovenije say.

They explain to us why the Mobile Service Platform is probably the least known in the wider circle. It is intended for business users and supports business processes in the field. “In addition to the use in mobile sales and its promotion, the solution is also suitable for asset management, service and maintenance activities, logistics, public services, educational institutions and inspection services,” they explain and continue: “In addition to this, the classic use of the Mobile Service Platform can be effectively improved with the Internet of Things module, to establish a uniform environment of the Internet of Things, and to ensure a rapid flow of information between devices, the environment and end-users. In doing so, the MSP application guides users through the work process, provides support for the installation and ordering of parts, the history of interventions, access to technical documentation, etc. With the help of various upgrades, the MSP service can be fully adapted to the needs of businesses, even after the digitization of business, regardless of the industry. “

A number of advantages

Our interlocutors see the essential advantages of using IT solutions in the project work in transparency, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, simple and targeted work processes, and the fact that the user has everything he needs, always at hand. “This is particularly important when working at a distance or in field work, “they add.


In practice, this means that the project-related documents are updated in real-time, so that all the specified solution are immediately available in the latest, i.e. current version. “This enables the optimization of work processes, greater responsiveness, transparency and control of business, both across different segments and at the level of the entire company. At the same time, paper operations, related costs, environmental burdens and paper archives are reduced, “emphasizes Telekom Slovenije.


When we run the project with the solutions of Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije is no longer only the provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services, but it also has numerous IT solutions tailored to its customers’ wishes.

Thus, we learned that they also offer a variety of advanced services, among which the most popular are Business Packages, which encompass all necessary for the efficient operation of the company, such as high-speed Internet access, fixed and mobile telephony, e-mail and standalone domain companies. These can users upgrade, since within the Custom Office there is a vast suite of additional tools and services in the cloud and for the companies there are also available custom solutions for the design and implementation of field business tasks using mobile computing (the aforementioned MSP service), and a business program for execution and monitoring of business processes, from orders and invoicing to production management and business analytics (Pantheon).

Office 365 packages for Business customers include a Microsoft Office suite and other advanced services with secure access through a PC or mobile device. “In doing so, companies can also opt for managed services, so that equipment and the ICT environment for them are managed and maintained in Telekom Slovenije,” explained our interlocutors.

Good examples lure

We were interested in how these solutions of Telekom Slovenije appear in practice. Two of their current projects mention us in cooperation with the i-Rose partner company. These are digital transformation projects in two successful Slovenian companies: Perutnina Ptuj and Transport Services Judež.

“In Perutnina Ptuj, the use of MSP (Mobile Service Platform) will enable a better overview of operations, faster information flows and faster response to market demands, easier management of available resources and coordination of employees’ activities on the field,” explained Telekom Slovenije.

“In transport company Judež, the use of MSP is adapted to their business processes, drivers use electronic forms on their way and have access to user and location data and provide the company with control over human and material resources and the implementation of the ordered service” they are preparing for a transport company.

IT solutions strengthen market position

Of course, these are not the only examples of practice. An interesting solution was prepared for the wholesale company Davidov Hram, which turned to Telekom Slovenije’s experts to preserve and consolidate its leading position in the industry by introducing modern IT solutions in the business environment of field work. The consequence of the introduction of the MSP environment through integration into the existing ERP system in Davidov Hram is a significant reduction in the amount of administrative work.

“Field data are sent in the back-end system after the completely automated route – the delivery and invoices are already created, orders are ready, and the field reports are ready for the review of the managers (KPI reports). Field workers are equipped with all the information they need to effectively carry out their tasks on the field. Thus, the company’s visit to the site is no longer necessary – the entire plan of work is already on the tablet. Field work is completely transparent and manageable, and field workers are already prepared and completed all tasks during the execution of tasks. The flow of information is complete, the data is safely stored in the back-end ERP system. MSP can be integrated with any back-end system: Navision, Pantheon, SAP, BASS, Arigato, insurance environments, etc.« interlocutors from Telekom Slovenije explain. The acquisition of the first man of Davidov Hram, Dušan Žehelj, is also pleased: “The monitoring of field sales and thus the trends in the market is one of the most dynamic and important processes for our company. With the introduction of MSP, the transfer of data from the field will be faster and more efficient. By doing this we will have a larger data set and a more realistic basis for assessing the performance of our sales staff. ”

There is something for everyone

“These digital solutions are adapted to the needs of each individual company, whilst ensuring full support and additional set of services that include modern cloud computing services, flexible mobile business solutions, fleet management and rental of server infrastructure. Solutions are tailored to companies in various industries, such as logistics, hotels, etc.,” Telekom Slovenije concludes.