MSP at the conference

Innovative support for the elderly and patients: Telekom’s E-service for safe and independent living at home and Mobile Service Platform of field processes developed by i-Rose

The HoCare project, directed toward finding innovative home care solutions has brought together representatives of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania this year. Experts from different fields presented business ideas that would help support the quality of life of older people or people with disabilities.

Telekom Slovenije and i-Rose presented innovations at the international conference in Ljubljana, which would allow patients and the elderly to maintain their independent life and offer care providers a support of field work.

Telekom’s E-service is therefore an advanced service that would allow older and sick people to lead a safe and carefree life in their homes, and enable them to make a quick emergency call in case of accidents. In addition to Telekom’s innovation, a mobile service MSP – Mobile Service Platform, developed by i-Rose, was also presented. In combination with the use of E-service, it would provide support for the field work of home care providers and other health professionals. MSP, however, represents mobile process support for a number of field processes (sales, sales promotion, service and maintenance, logistics, etc.).

The mobile platform would relieve and simplify the work of users by reducing the amount of administrative work, as it offers the possibility for employees to fill in the electronic documentation on tablets directly on the field, and the data is automatically transferred to the back-end system. Thus, MSP is a precise and systematic tool through which users can plan tasks, communicate, manage documentation, review the state of performance of work processes supported by graphical representations and manage costs more efficiently.

The platform enables users to operate quickly and reliably and it also works completely independently from the Internet connection. What separates MSP from other comparable technologies is complete flexibility in the business and its adaptation to company and users, as well as continuous development, upgrading and updating of software quality.