How to easily get IT solutions

Designing the information system is a challenge for every company, which in some cases is even greater for smaller companies than for large systems employing their own IT professionals. Consequently, entrepreneurs are often in doubt about what IT solutions do they need and who to trust with their creation. Many people do not think that they are also dealing with this broad spectrum in Telekom Slovenije.

Good base
Initially, the question arises of what are the basic IT solutions that every company needs. “In terms of IT infrastructure, for every company, little or big, information security, the ability to work anywhere and at any time, and online visibility are crucial,” says Boštjan Štempelj, Product Manager at Telekom Slovenije, adding that these are provided with their solutions.

“Antivirus protection is the basis of every device that connects to the web,” says our counterpart, and continues: “Data theft, viruses and malware are developing more rapidly than ever before and are also significantly more harmful than in the past. Therefore, the company must protect its property, similarly as it cares for its physical assets (business premises, official car …). For this purpose, we offer antivirus protection in Telekom Slovenije, which enables the database to be up to date with regular updates. The program allows you to install on multiple devices (PC, tablet, mobile) with Windows or Android. “

Teamwork and online occurrence

Effective collaboration between employees in the company is provided by Office 365 packages that include Microsoft Office and other advanced secure access services, even remotely. »It allows you to work with documents with multiple users simultaneously, 1 TB of storage in the cloud with OneDrive and multiple-person communication simultaneously with Skype for business. At the same time, all tools are accessible from any device of the user – personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone – explains Štempelj.

Nowadays they say that if you are not online, you don’t exist. This is still the case for companies, because the website for them is the main contact point with customers. “The creation of a professional website can be expensive and time-consuming, while Telekom Slovenije offers to business packages subscribers the basic version of the website with a presentation of the company, pictures and contact information free of charge, and care for its maintenance,” explains our interlocutor. For more demanding users, they also offer advanced, an extended version of the website, including the online store. The website and, if desired, also make the online store turnkey, with no initial development costs.

Help, I’m establishing a company

Today, many people enter into entrepreneurial waters, so we asked for professional advice on information technology. Telekom Slovenije observes that starting entrepreneurs too often focus only on basic telecommunications needs. “I would advise them to look at the picture more widely and ask themselves how they will represent their business in five years, and that should be their starting point,” says Štempelj. Most of them probably represent a digitized business world in which the administrative work is as automated as possible, so that they can spend as much time as possible to carry out the basic activity. Therefore, it is important that today they are thinking about digitization and choosing these suitable partners, services and solutions.

“Digitization actually simplifies business, saves time and reduces costs. Today, the telecommunication operator can offer you much more than solely an Internet connection, so we recommend choosing one of the business packages of Telekom Slovenije, which already contains the most essential tools for simpler operations without additional fees. These tools make it easier for you to enter the market and provide basic IT solutions for efficient business, all in one place and with the support of our experts, “explains our interlocutor.

And what’s also important – in case they decide on one of the services of Telekom Slovenije, they are predictable and constant, so that the company can accurately predict operating costs in the long run.

Wide range of solutions

“In developing the offer for small and medium-sized enterprises, we provide expert consulting and comprehensive ICT support for business, in line with the latest development trends. Thus, business users have at their disposal all the necessary for fast, responsive and (also financially) efficient business. Companies can fully exploit the benefits of modern ICT solutions in their operations, “says Telekom’s expert.

In Telekom Slovenije, according to the interlocutor, they are aware of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and they adjusted their offers and developed additional IT tools and solutions:

Website (if necessary with an online store) – the basic website is a free part of the business package offer
2. Tax and online
3. Office 365 –
The business essentials version is a free part of the business package offer
4. Mobile Service Platform (MSP)
Smart fleet
6. Web space and server hosting
7. Business program for the implementation and monitoring of business processes, from orders and invoicing through accounting to production management and business analytics (Pantheon)

No surprises

As we have already noted, the partnership with Telekom Slovenije has no unpleasant surprises. Most of their IT services are “turnkey” so that the business user has no initial development, implementation, or inclusion costs. »Telekom Slovenije’s IT services bring enterprises with predictable fixed monthly costs at competitive prices, while the most important functionalities are included in the basic price of business packages. In addition, the fact that Telekom Slovenije also enables the purchase of the latest equipment in installments, with a three-year warranty and free delivery, “Štempelj concludes.

Thus, business users have everything in one place for a comprehensive and efficient ICT environment, from advice on planning, developing and implementing solutions tailored to the needs of an individual company to equipment, after-sales support and maintenance.