Beverage Full Life Cycle Tracking

MSP Beverage Container Tracking Solution is intended for the complete life cycle of beverage container management and monitoring. It brings so far unseen benefits and insights into the marketing path of the products.

  • Full product and packaging traceability
  • Real time production, sales and consumption data
  • Improved handling of the empty containers/kegs
  • Full insight into marketing channels and detailed data at each point of sale
  • ERP, CRM integration (SAP, NAV/Dynamics, Helios, other)

i-Rose has vast and long-term experience in the beverage market, providing technologically superior and yet easy to implement and handle IT solutions.

The Life Cycle of Beverage Containers

1. Following the empty containers and casks from the production line to the point of sale and consumption


2. Traceability throughout the production line, each step identifies the container and logs the data:

  • Entrance identification
  • Quality control of the empty containers
  • Handling the maintenance cycles
  • Leaking control
  • Weighing the containers
  • Palletizing


3. Distribution, identifying the containers being loaded for:

  • Large distributors
  • Retail sales
  1. Retail sales
  • Delivery notes
  • Accepting payments and invoicing
  • Identifying containers being delivered and empty containers being returned


  1. Consumption
  • Identifying each container/keg
  • Measuring the temperature
  • Measuring the consumption related to the time of the day


  1. In-time delivery and maintenance
  • Allowing the in-time delivery of full containers and kegs
  • Maintenance cycles of the beverage dispenser based on the exact consumption data