Digital Transformation; What Group Do You Belong To?

Digital technology has changed not only our way of life but also the way things work in business world. It has transformed business processes, the way of forming new partnerships and how we communicate with clients. Behind successful companies with bright future there are competent individuals, capable of thinking “digital” that strive to transformation and changes.

In the last year, we have all heard a lot about digitalization, transformation of business models and changes. But do we all realize that this is not only paperless way of doing business? A lot of you have already been in touch with it as well. Digital transformation is all about setting your short-term and long-term goals with a lot of thought.

Doing what we do, we meet different people. Our experience show that we can divide people into three groups according to their digital awareness.

“We don’t need this; we have everything settled.”

Wake up! Belief that you have everything settled and there is nothing else you can do in terms of digital transformation is wrong. New ideas and strategic changes are always welcome. You have to follow the trends and introduce new approaches that save time and money. And our conversation can continue as soon as you realize that. The biggest part of digital transformation is not about technology, it is about the way of thinking. The biggest part of transforming your business is changing the way of thinking.

“Digital transformation as paperless way of doing business.”

There are many companies that have “digital way” of doing business by embracing paperless way of doing business. Nevertheless, paperless business performance does not equal to digital transformation. This is only the beginning. Transforming your business digitally optimizes your business processes to the core. There is a new approach that makes you more agile and reduces costs. In the same way the use of various information systems is not digital transformation.

“The true meaning of digital transformation”

Some people we are in contact with realize what digital transformation is all about. They are PRO digitalization and they express interest in extensive options. It is also an important topic at their company.

They realize that the results cannot be seen over night. For a successful digital transformation, the goals have to be defined and the strategy determined. It is vital that the set strategy includes both, your wishes and expectations, so that transformation is the most optimal. The path is easier when you decide to cooperate with an experienced partner. Their valuable experience can help you a lot on the way to transformation.

i-Rose has long lasting experience in digitalization and digital transformation of business processes. The solutions that we’ve developed are flexible and can adapt to different processes. Users get optimal support that brings transparency of business processes, smaller possibility of mistakes and cost reduction.

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