Digital Transformation of Business Processes: What Do You Have to Pay attention To

Every successful business should put customer satisfaction first. It is a key to success because a satisfied client is a loyal client. If a service provider is reliable, effective and responsive, they gain reputation and consequently their business evolves and grows.

One of the biggest mistakes in aftersales is not-so-accurate prediction that clients are satisfied with the business processes to be held as they were 5, 10+ years ago. With the development of digital technology, we have gained unlimited new opportunities for improving business processes.

Learn from the mistakes of other companies and be better.

MISTAKE no. 1: You’re missing out by not digitalizing

Digital transformation accelerates growth and increases success of business. How? By providing all the information to the users (history of events, stock, communication with the back office, documentation etc.) the processes are faster and more effective.  This increases client satisfaction and a satisfied client is the best advertisement after all.

We live in a world, where client satisfaction means the biggest added value. Rendered service and companies themselves are reviewed on a daily basis and the better the review, the better the business.

The worse the review, the fewer clients chooses the services. The outcome is not surprising; it means stagnation and even regression. This leads into the next MISTAKE …

MISTAKE no. 2: Blocking innovation by living in the past

By living in the past and not paying attention to client satisfaction you hand over strategic advantage to your competition. If you are not innovative and do not invest into development, optimization and improvements, your competition will beat you sooner or later. Rejecting novelties does not bring you any good in the long run.

Excuses such as “digitalization is too expensive and there is no time to handle such an extensive project” are vain. By not digitalizing you, in fact, waste the resources and slowly losing reputation as well. The clients’ expectations have increased and the process of rendering services has to be as simple as possible.

Ordering the service must be simple and fast (contact form on the web page, app, call center etc.).

The event has to be put on plan and service rendered ASAP. No one will wait for more than a couple of days; therefore, flexibility is required.

Unplanned delays and ineffectiveness have become unacceptable; the service has to be rendered professionally and accurately because there is less and less room for errors.

MISTAKE no. 3: Digitalizing everything without the proper strategy

From IoT (Internet of Things) to AI; digital solutions offer possibilities for improvements that bring optimization of business processes. It is naïve to digitalize everything without a proper strategy or a detailed plan.

Before starting with the transformation of business processes, all the processes need to be defined. Only a complete insight brings the best results. When planning the transformation and choosing the most suitable solution for your business, take your wishes into account as well.

For example, if you want to work on customer satisfaction, the chosen solution should include insight for clients and if you want to implement predicative maintenance, you have to look for IoT solution etc. In short, you have to know exactly what you want and a digital transformation provider will tell you how to get it.

The most important thing to focus on at the beginning of the project is compatibility with existing systems (ERP, CRM).

MISTAKE no. 4: Forgetting about the users

One of the biggest mistakes in digital transformation is forgetting about the users. They are the ones who represent the company and have the most contact with the clients. Insight into real-time information and communication with the back office are crucial for a job well done and a positive user experience. By implementing two-way communication, the office and the users have information at their fingertips. The users can render the service at the top most quality and the back office knows about everything that has been going on in the field (reporting, stock deduction, flexible planning etc.).

Digital transformation is a must for gathering real-time information on clients and improving responsiveness. In the future, the companies that will not meet expectations will be replaced by the ones who do. Companies that do not want to go “digital”, will decline over time.

The time to start working on digital transformation is NOW. Tomorrow might be too late. There is infinite number of possibilities and before starting with implementation, the current state and processes need to be defined. All the imperfections need to be addressed so they can be eliminated during the process of digitalization. That’s the only way to choose the best option for you and get ahead of the rest. By having an overview of business processes, you can integrate a solution that will bring you to the stars.

i-Rose has long lasting experience in digitalization and digital transformation of business processes. The solutions that we’ve developed are flexible and can adapt to different processes. Users get optimal support that brings transparency of business processes, smaller possibility of mistakes and cost reduction.

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