Can You Afford Being Left Behind Your Competition?

Digital transformation, welcome!

Every good change happens with clearly defined goals and a well-structured path; the same being with digital transformation. Nowadays, the world is changing on daily basis, we have to follow and accept those changes in order to become more flexible and reliable.

Wanting to get the instant results and a fear of being left behind sometimes forces us to make rush and thoughtless decisions.

Do you want to know which are they? We divided them into 3 categories.

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Own Solution Development Is Not Like Getting the Best of all Possible Worlds, Because They all Might Collapse

Development of your own solution can be compared to wanting the best of all worlds. Let me explain why.

It often happens that companies want to lower their cost by digitalizing their business processes. And that’s OK, but it stops being OK when you start developing your own solutions for doing so just because “”. This means you dive into unknown waters by investing resources and energy into unfamiliar area instead of sticking with the familiar. That kind of solutions are usually doomed before they even start serving their purpose; they are accompanied by a bunch of unplanned costs, wasted time and bad mood. The resources could have been used in a more efficient way instead of developing solutions that might cause additional work. Stick to your area of expertise and do what you’re good at. Handover the digitalization to someone who knows all possible pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

Remote Control to ERP Is Like a Band-Aid when Talking About Digital Transformation

“The competition has already digitalized their business processes and we are left behind! We need to make a change ASAP and we have decided to use a remote control to our ERP. That should do it.”

Wrong! This sounds good in theory, but the experience has shown that this kind of solutions bring more problems than they solve. The connection with the mobile service or a good Wi-Fi connection is a must to access the data and finish the task. Plus, the users in the field should attend training on the system. This sounds like another false (digital) friend.

In order to avoid all that you need a system that is easy to use. All the users want is a friendly user experience; why not give it to them?

Implementing Solutions Without Integration with ERP: Promised so Much, Delivers so Little

You realize you have to change something; you are open to innovation but at the same time you are looking for the cheapest option available.

However, you are forgetting that the cheapest option at this moment is usually the most expensive one in the long run. Introducing systems without at least partial integration is like building a house of cards that can fall apart at any time.

By implementing systems that are not connected to each other is basically creating new, not synchronized databases. You create additional administrative work load: steps that could be managed by an effective system are still handled by employees; therefore, nothing really changes.

The most important thing is that the systems are connected and the flow of information is undisturbed. Let’s make a digital transformation useful for everybody; for the employees in the field and the back office.

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You know what they say … Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Author: Majda Drame

Translation: Silvija Repas

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