8 reasons why your company should use ePOD ( electronic proof of delivery)

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD – electronic Proof Of Delivery) has proven to be an excellent solution for medium-sized and large companies that provide services in the field at a time of increased interest in contactless business. With MSP ePOD, you are one step ahead of the competition, as you simplify the acquisition process for customers, increase operational efficiency by shortening the business process, and reduce costs at the same time.

Look for yourself and check 8 reasons why you should use ePOD in your company’s operations.

1. Removal of paper documentation

Even though nowadays the environmental footprint is large, this is not the only reason for removing paper documentation. The savings are not only reflected in the reduced consumption of paper and ink, but also in the increased efficiency of employees, as manual data entry and manual processing are eliminated. In the MSP ePOD solution, the security of delivery notes is additionally taken care of, as they are displayed in real time in the back office, which eliminates the possibility of losing documentation.

2. Active warnings in the application

Dispatchers have a lot of work to do. The
MSP ePOD tool relieves the work of dispatchers by providing active alerts on
key events in the business process. In this way, the dispatcher does not need
to check the location of the delivery vehicle as often and can allocate his
time more efficiently.

3. Faster and improved communication with customers

In the company i-Rose d.o.o. we follow advances in the field of user experience and understand that fast communication with customers is of utmost importance. MSP ePOD offers the ability to keep customers informed throughout the delivery process. Based on the implemented event, MSP ePOD creates a digital document that is distributed to the appropriate addresses (customer, back office…).

4. Updating of forms and accuracy of information

By digitizing the delivery note, you can update the forms and improve them. There are limitations in paper format, and at the same time there is a greater possibility of human error.

MSP ePOD gives you various options from text fields, numeric fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, time capture, location capture, signature capture and even photo capture. All the options listed above facilitate the work of the employee and reduce the possibility of human error.

5. Reducing the time required for data processing

Companies that use paper forms spend up to 4 days processing data. Imagine an employee in the field filling out a delivery note. The delivery note will arrive at the back office at the end of the working day at the earliest. Add the time of manual data entry into the program and the data processing itself.

MSP ePOD transfers the completed delivery note to the backend environment in near real time. At the same time, it processes data and makes reports. Processing time has been reduced from days to minutes.

6. More efficient internal communication

Employees who work in the field receive tasks on the device. In this way, employees have access to the necessary information at the right moment, while at the same time the amount of administrative work is reduced. The MSP environment, which also includes the ePOD tool, enables instant messaging, which facilitates communication between the back office and employees in the field.

7. Higher productivity of the workforce

A powerful environment such as MSP enables faster processes in the field and, as a result, an increase in the number of completed employee tasks. An employee can effectively perform several tasks at the same time, as manual input is reduced and thus has more time. It also increases the productivity of back-office employees as the amount of manual data entry is eliminated.

8. Better overview of operations

With the help of the MSP environment, you will have a better overview of your business. The control panel in the backend environment provides a graphic display of the work done, successfully completed tasks and the performance of individual users.


It is also extremely easy to export different types of reports that provide you with information important for making key business decisions.

Are you interested in how MSP ePOD could help your company's operations? Contact us and together we can check what the options are.