For a job well done on terrain a reliable mobile support is important. The mobile service platform works on all android OS devices, independently from an internet connection. Field data is automatically transferred to the back-end office. To ensure flawless operation we offer upgrades and adjustments to the offered support according to your company’s needs.

It works anywhere, anytime!

Mobile support reliability must be in first place. MSP works on android OS based devices independently from an internet connection. A back-end web application manages and executes the MSP tasks, and a cloud based infrastructure enables undisturbed functioning.

Connection to the back-end environment!

Connection to the back-end environment is taken care of by a simple integration. It's possible to edit it with optional ERP, CRM, EAM, GIS and WH environments. It's also possible to use MSP as an independent environment - without integration.

Updates and upgrades

The business processes of your company are important. That's why we developed MSP in a way, where we can always update and upgrade the offered support, based on your company's needs. The Mobile Service Platform is ever-developing, for that reason we offer free updates in accordance with the development of MSP.

Best practices

It's important to us, that we offer you with high quality services and products and ensure the reliability of the MSP mobile support. For that reason we, in i-Rose combine the best practices from a international environment and different business verticals of use.